A Well Trained dog is a joy to live with.

Dogs and humans are two different species, and sometimes there can be misunderstandings between the two. Paws 2 Play can help you to better understand your dog, and learn how to raise a happy, confident, well adjusted dog.

Whether you have a young puppy you want to get off to the best possible start, or an older dog who could do with learning some new skills, Sunderland Dog Training can help.

We use only reward based techniques and believe in kind, fair and effective training methods. As we are supposedly the more intelligent part of the canine/human partnership, we have a moral obligation to teach our dogs kindly, being aware of how their minds work and how they learn best. Punishment has no place in training dogs, we can teach them what we want without having to resort to using physical force. It's brain not braun that trains dogs!

Booking and information about the group training can be found here:

Classes are held at Plains Farm Community Centre, in the grounds of Plains Farm Primary School.

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The first session typically lasts one and a half to two hours, with further sessions, if required, being around an hour.

As this isn't a regular class with other dogs, this training can begin before your puppy has had his vaccinations, or if your dog struggles to work around other dogs and people.

All techniques are purely reward based, and kind for the dogs and owners.

If you have a young puppy and want to get started on the training, you can also book onto the puppy socialisation classes for half the usual price.

Flexibility is the key to private lessons, they needn't be held at the same time every week so are perfect for people who work shifts.

Each session costs 20.

You can book and pay online for private training sessions. If you would like to take advantage of this method, clicking on 'buy now' will take you to a secure payment page, where you can pay by PayPal. On receipt of your payment, you will be emailed a registration form to complete, and a list of available appointment times.

Simply return the completed form, let me know your preferred appointment and I will see you then. So simple, even a puppy could do it. Provided he'd been trained by Sunderland Dog Training first, obviously!

The course is also available outside Sunderland with a surcharge of 40p per mile.


The Beginner classes are held at Plains Farm Community Centre on Sundays at 4pm and last approximately 45 minutes. They cover basic training and are suitable for friendly dogs of any age as well as young puppies.

The topics covered on this course include loose lead walking, coming when called, basic manners, control and communication and polite behaviour.

As all dogs are at differing levels, this is run as a rolling course meaning you can join at any time, although pre booking is essential due to limited class sizes.

This course is 40 for 5 lessons.

The beginner courses have the option to book and pay online. If you would like to take advantage of this method, clicking on 'buy now' will take you to a secure payment page, where you can pay by Payal. On receipt of your payment, you will be emailed a registration form to complete, and your place will be confirmed.

Simply return the completed form, and we will see you at the next available class.


These are 5, 30-45 minute sessions held at Plains Farm Community Centre at 5pm on Sunday evening. They focus on introducing your puppy to new objects, people, dogs, sights and sounds.

These classes are suitable for puppies under the age of 20 weeks, and are a rolling course so can be joined at any time.

There is no training in these classes, if you require help with basic training, you can book onto the beginner training class which runs just before the puppy socialisation sessions.

The course is 40, or you can book both the socialisation and the training courses for 60.


Socialisation doesn't end with puppy classes, and if dogs are going to grow into confident, well adjusted dogs they will need ongoing training and socialisation throughout their adolescence and beyond.

Socialisation walks are for dogs who have attended previous classes or have had an individual assessment. They take the form of an outdoor training class in a public place, and incorporate socialisation, polite behaviour, walking on loose lead, coming when called, control around toys, strange people, dogs and animals, and other real life situations.

They are held fortnightly at Herrington Country Park, and will cost 5 per walk (4 if you've already completed a course) for the first 4 sessions, and then 3 per session thereafter. These will be split into 3 walks, Young Guns, for puppies and young, shy dogs. Teeny Boppers, for adolescent dogs or very boisterous younger dogs and New Tricks, for veteran dogs over 7 years old. All the proceeds from the New Tricks group will go to The Oldies Club, a rescue which specialises in helping older dogs find new homes.

Discounts apply if you bring a well socialised adult dog to the puppy walks. For socialisation, we actively encourage people to dress or behave in a way that will give young dogs some experience of things they may encounter in their lives, which many dogs can find difficult. For example, a hat, mirrored sunglasses, a large coat, and umbrella, a skateboard, a bike, a pram etc to help the young dogs learn that people come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes wear odd things!

Once you reach a required standard, you and your dog will become a Sunderland Dog Training Golden Paws member, which will mean you can attend any training walk at any time without prior booking for free.


Sometimes, problems occur and the help you need will be more in depth.

If you are experiencing problems such as aggression, reactivity, fears and phobias, anxiety or predatory behaviour, the training requirements will be different.

A behaviour course consists of 2 sessions lasting an hour each, and costs 60. The sessions are usually a fortnight apart, but can vary depending on your needs.

Some problems require the help of a highly qualified behaviourist. If that is the case for your individual dog, I will give you the contact details of reputable behaviourists in the area, and refund any money you may have paid.

Home visits outside Sunderland are also available with a surcharge of 40p per mile.